Reading Kavan from time to time, in English and/or in French.


Among all the biographers who bended over Kavan, here are the three who completed their works.


List of visited places. More papers, paintings and letters dispersed in other parts of the world… to be found in Germany (see Karl Theodor Bluth Papers), New-Zealand (see Ian Hamilton Papers), etc.

Other sources

Reviews, essays & thesis published on Kavan's works & life since 2000.

Online findings

Remix, web-folkore, artworks inspired by Kavan's life & writings completed by various "homage" medias, resources websites and fan blogs.


Series of interviews conducted mostly in cafés but also in a book fair, in a museum, in offices, in a restaurant, in a park, in an artist studio and at home(s).

Peripheral readings

Intertextuality somewhere in between auto/biographical narratives, essays on literature and net-culture, women writings & genre-bending fiction.

«  materiautheque »