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A scarcity of love A novel (1971)
Eagles' nest (1976)
Mercury (1994)
Rich Get Rich (1937)
Change the name (1993)
A bright green field and other stories. (1958)
Ice (2006)
The parson (2001)
The Dark Sisters (1930)
My madness: the selected writings of Anna Kavan (1990)
A charmed circle (2000)
A charmed circle (1994)
Ice (1973)
A charmed circle (1929)
The parson (1995)
Sleep Has His House (2003)
Sleep Has His House (1974)
The Horse's Tale (1949)
Sleep has his house (1973)
A Scarcity of Love: A novel (2009)
A stranger still (1935)
Asylum piece and other stories (1972)
My soul in China novella and stories (1991)
Julia and the bazooka (2009)
Let me alone: A novel (1974)
Asylum piece and other stories (1940)
Goose Cross: a novel (1936)
Sleep Has His House (1948)
Julia and the bazooka and other stories (1970)
Eagles' nest. (1957)
Asylum piece and other stories (2001)
I am Lazarus: Short stories (2013)
Ice (1997)
Let me alone (1930)
I am Lazarus Short stories (1978)
I am Lazarus: short stories (1945)
Guilty (2007)
Who are you? (2002)
Ice a novel. (1967)
Change the name (1941)
Who are you ? a novel (1975)
A stranger still (1995)

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I am Lazarus
The Dark Sisters
A charmed circle
My soul in China
Let me alone
A Stranger Still