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dédicace 2011 - Ice

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In R J Dent's Library - Anna Kavan


A look at the works of a renowned author in R J Dent's library - Anna Kavan

Anna Kavan — Wikipédia


Anna Kavan née Helen Emily Woods (Cannes, 10 avril 1901 - Londres, 5 décembre 1968) est un écrivain anglais. Elle publia au début de sa carrière sous le nom d'Helen Ferguson.

Scholarly collaboration, with coffee

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Last Friday saw the Anna Kavan editathon, a morning of editing the Wikipedia page about her. This collaboration was the brainchild of Catherine Lenoble (User:Cathsign), a French writer whose first edit was a year ago at the Ada Lovelace Day event in Brussels. London is an expensive place to stay, so many of the symposium attendees left immediately afterwards, but remote participation in the editathon was made easier by an etherpad.

Anna: A Love Story For Puppets | ...ment


Puppet show based upon the novel Ice and the life of the book’s author Anna Kavan. First performed at Eastside Projects, Birmingham on 9th September 2011. The voiceover artists were Dermot Keaney as thehe Warden, Victoria Lewis as the Girl, and Rain Peak Morison as the Child. The puppeteers were Owen Davies as the Girl and Ivan Morison as the Warden.

Suddenly I notice that one car has selected me as...


“Suddenly I notice that one car has selected me as its prey and is making straight for me through all the chaos. Come on, then! Knock me down, run over me, cut off my existence. I don’t want it -...”

Anna Kavan


Anna Kavan was born Helen Emily Woods on April 10, 1901 in Cannes, France of English parents (Claude Charles Edward Woods and Helen Bright). She was raised and educated in Europe and California. While the family was in Southern California, the father committed suicide; Helen was thirteen.

Anna Kavan Paintings


In the Frame for May

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Having recently seen a body of contemporary artwork work by Heather and Ivan Morrison inspired by the life and work of the novelist Anna Kavan (1901-1968), on display at The Hepworth Wakefield until 10 June, the Archivist has written the following about Kavan’s portrait of Luz, the ‘elusive protagonist’ of her novels Ice and Mercury:

Anna Kavan aka Helen Ferguson


Life & Books

works by helen ferguson aka anna kavan


works by helen ferguson aka anna kavan

Books reviews Anna Kavan


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So many dreams are crowding upon me now that I can...


“So many dreams are crowding upon me now that I can scarcely tell true from false: dreams like light imprisoned in bright mineral caves; hot, heavy dreams; ice-age dreams; dreams like machines in...”

Anna Kavan


The houses of ice and sleep, bright gree, fields, hoofist and dancing brain-fever birds

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Walker Evans - Anna Kavan, 1941

Anna Kavan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Anna Kavan (born Helen Emily Woods; 10 April 1901 – 5 December 1968) was a British novelist, short story writer and painter. Originally publishing under her first married name, Helen Ferguson, she adopted the name Anna Kavan in 1939, not only as a nom de plume but as her legal identity.

On Anna Kavan

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Anna Kavan, born Helen Ferguson in 1901 was a very English - and at the same time utterly alien - novelist whose own life took on the quality of an existential mystery. Praised by JG Ballard and Doris Lessing, drawing on Kafka and anticipating slipstream long before it became a genre in British writing, her novels described eerie states of dislocation; a lifelong heroin user, her prose has a needle-sharp precision but her subject matter was never drugs.



My Last Heather and Ivan Morison Puppet Show

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As part of their exhibition, Anna, at The Hepworth Wakefield, Heather and Ivan Morison asked a number of Visitor Services Assistants to enact their (the artists’) interpretation of the novel Ice by Anna Kavan (following strict instructions) using specially created puppets. The show was 22 minutes long and took place every Saturday and Wednesday at 3.00.

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Blogger: Profil d'utilisateur : Anna Kavan



An Ode to Fluff

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What books are you currently loving? Ooh! Seriously still amazed by Anna Kavan

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Hello My Name is Anna Kavan

webpage, 2012

HELLO MY NAME IS ANNA KAVAN is a 15 minute 3-D animated film. It is based on the writings of british novelist Anna Kavan. Kavan herself becomes a character in the piece as she tells a story about her integration into B.F. Skinner's nightmare Utopia, Walden Two. As she narrates a tale of isolation and imprisonment (recurring themes in Kavan's fiction), memories from her life before her entrance into the community begin to surface, including a memory of a sadistic chauffeur which refers to another recurring theme in Kavan's fiction; cars and speed.


webpage, 11/02/2012

This was the first in a regular series of spring exhibitions that explore common concerns and themes in the work of some of the most innovative contemporary artists. Heather and Ivan Morison, Ben Rivers and David Thorpe use film, sculpture, installation and performance to pose questions regarding our relationship to nature and what happens when man-made and natural worlds collide.These exhibitions explore utopian beliefs and practices and an impending sense of apocalypse. Heather and Ivan Morison presented a new body of work using objects, performance and puppetry to draw on the life and work of 20th century British novelist Anna Kavan.


webpage, 15 mai 2007

François Verret monte Ice, une écriture scénique inspirée de l'œuvre éponyme de la grande voyageuse anglaise et héroïnomane Anna Kavan. Peut-être en est-il de l'écriture de François Verret ce qu'il en est du rhizome...

Anna: A Love Story For Puppets | ...ment


Puppet show based upon the novel Ice and the life of the book’s author Anna Kavan. First performed at Eastside Projects, Birmingham on 9th September 2011. The voiceover artists were Dermot Keaney as thehe Warden, Victoria Lewis as the Girl, and Rain Peak Morison as the Child. The puppeteers were Owen Davies as the Girl and Ivan Morison as the Warden.

Play sheds new light on strange friendship of Rhys Davies and Anna Kavan

blogPost, 10/09/2013

The team behind the acclaimed play about David Lloyd George - The Wizard, The Goat and the Man Who Won the War - is to offer a new insight into the mysterious friendship between Valleys writer Rhys Davies and cult literary figure Anna Kavan.


audioRecording, august 2007

San Francisco post-rock band Carta entitled their song "Kavan" on their album "The Glass Bottom Boat" after Anna Kavan.


webpage, 01/04/2012

This body of work by Heather and Ivan Morison draws on the life and works of 20th century British novelist Anna Kavan (1901-1968). Kavan, born Helen Ferguson, produced a large body of elusive and strange work that operated somewhere between biography and science fiction, drawing on her own turbulent life. Anna is an allegorical piece of object theatre that tells a brutal tale of love and loss set against the approaching threat of ‘the ice’.

Sleep Has His House

encyclopediaArticle, 2000

Sleep Has His House is an album released in 2000 by English apocalyptic folk group Current 93. The album was written and recorded as a reaction to the death of David Tibet's father and prominently features harmonium. The lyrics were mostly written by David Tibet and the music composed by Michael Cashmore. The album title was taken from the title of a book by the British writer, Anna Kavan.

Silverglass | Performances | Taliesin

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A master-craftsman of Welsh fiction, Rhys Davies combined pin-point observation of Valleys life with a twinkling sense of comedy. His long-term friend Anna Kavan wrote dark and troubled novels described by J.G. Ballard as “somewhere between poetry and madness”. Each lived a life of self-invention, in which secrets, sexuality and deep questions of personal identity lurked constantly in the shadows. D.J. Britton’s high-energy play is set in the late 1960s when Davies’ late literary recognition and Kavan’s final tragedy came together like a thunderclap.

Ice Lady


Vision sonore du monde tel que le ressent Anna Kavan, un monde où la glace a le pouvoir de tout figer pour l’éternité. Sauf le manque et l’hallucination. Voix : Floriane Pochon

Sleep Asylum

audioRecording, 1986

Before powerhouse vocalist Thalia Zedek added her verve to New York's no wave band Live Skull or fronted her own blues-tinged Come during the 1990s, she was fulfilling, in part, the legacy Patti Smith left behind when she dropped from sight to raise her family at the end of the 1970s. Fronting the little-known and even less-remembered Boston band Uzi during the first half of the 1980s, Zedek spit her voice across a dark, underground rock that barely tempered the ferocity of her delivery. The group's only album, Sleep Asylum, was racked in 1986 and displayed their skill at creating a wall of sound that didn't depend on screamed vocals to front the din. It was a godsend for the Massachusetts no wavers, who'd only previously been able to sample the band via the college circuit. A delicious blend of gritty guitar, tape loops, and heavy drumbeats, the music was another slice of the pie served à la Sonic Youth and to a lesser extent, Big Black. Packed with sophisticated melody that barely traps the menace, Sleep Asylum builds across the opening "Criminal Child" to the sweet fragility of "Gabrielle" before launching into the balls-out crash-bang nervous breakdown of "Ha-Ha-Ha," which remains one of the band's finest. Nearly, but not quite outdoing that triumph, though, is the hypnotic "Collections," which roils around guitar and drums and some otherworldly chant before Zedek's vocals weigh in to pose the question, "Would you let me inside your house/Would you like to push me inside out?/Someone should dare." With that delicious intent and her bludgeoned come-on cutting through the music, one can only wonder if anyone would have. Probably not. This album, an early Homestead release, remains devilishly hard to find, but is well worth the price. Sleep Asylum is one of the American underground's long-forgotten secrets, a bit of archeology that, in its own way, helped set the scene for the drone of music's future.