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Anna Kavan, Doris Lessing and bath plugs

blogPost, 26/05/2007

Anna who? Hmm is it just me again? Anna Kavan nee Helen Woods, then Ferguson, born in Cannes probably in 1901, two divorces, nervous breakdowns, heroin addiction, name changes.

Richard R. Centing collection of Anna Kavan


Handwritten and typed letters and postcards from various individuals who knew Kavan (including 5 handwritten letters from Rhys Davies and a typed letter from Raymond B. Marriott); photocopied or excised short stories, articles about Kavan, and bibliographic information, all from various sources; and reprints of photographs of Kavan and two of Kavan's paintings.

Anna Kavan and libraries

blogPost, 14/06/2009

I love the way with libraries you go in there, drift around and often seem to arrive, as if with a sense of predestination, before a book. This book, once you pick it up - there’s something almost magnetic happening here - now opens at a particular page. It is all random - or else it is the magic which accrues to the long time searcher and reader. This happened to me yesterday. I was browsing in the Auckland Public Library heritage room. I saw a book called Anna Kavan’s New Zealand. I picked it up, the book fell open and immediately I spied the word Napier.

Rhys Davies Papers


Rhys Davies (1901-1978), novelist and short story writer. His archives comprises literary and personal papers, 1901-1979 : manuscript drafts and typescript copies, mainly of short stories and plays, together with drafts and a manuscript text of his last novel Ram with red horns (Bridgend, 1996), set in south Wales. Also included are letters to and from Rhys Davies, mostly 1960s and 1970s, and papers relating to his friend, the novelist 'Anna Kavan' (Helen Ferguson, 1901-1968), including a short draft of a work of fiction in her hand.

Anna Kavan Edit-a-thon

encyclopediaArticle, 12/09/2014

If her sensationalized life has often overshadowed a proper critical attention to her work, Anna Kavan's writing is still widely published and translated, generating on-going interest, inspiring and fascinating new communities of researchers, readers or artists and highlighting more than ever this experimental and multi-faceted writer of the inner mind. Facilitating a meet-up of impassioned folks, this edit-a-thon is a chance to extend the knowledge shared during the symposium and expand Anna Kavan's wikipedia pages through collaborative writing.

Announcement: Anna Kavan at the Zarrow Art Center | From McFarlin Tower

webpage, 01/11/2013

The University of Tulsa’s Department of Special Collections and University Archives is proud to announce the opening of an exhibit featuring the works of Anna Kavan. The exhibit will be shown in the Sherman Smith Family Gallery at the Zarrow Art Center located at 124 East Brady Street. The show opens tomorrow Friday November 1st during the First Friday Art Crawl in the Brady Arts District from 6-9.

Peter Owen Ltd.: A Preliminary Inventory


Peter Owen's papers including correspondance and materials related to Anna Kavan.

Anna Kavan papers


This artificial collection has been compiled from a number of acquisitions and included handwritten and typed manuscripts of novels, novellas and short stories. Also diaries, notebooks, photographs, personal memorabilia and correspondence with theater critic Raymond B. Marriott, George Bullock, Rhys Davies and letters, notes and drawings from K. T. Bluth to Kavan. Kavan's artwork, predominantly water color but including oil, pen and ink, and goache.

Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.: An Inventory of Its Records in the Manuscript Collection at the Harry Ransom Center


The firm of Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. was founded in 1915 in New York. The first book published by the firm was Four Plays, by Emile Augier, printed by the Plimpton Press. From the very beginning, the firm demonstrated that it would be unique, binding the book in orange and blue, and advertising the book by emphasizing its imprint, instead of its author or subject.